Why have a National Conference for bird of prey professionals?

  • It is an uncertain time for all industries in the UK.  Brexit is just 375 days from the date of the conference – will this impact upon the free movement of raptors into and out of Europe?
  • Legislation on ‘mobile zoos’ now seems certain in Wales and Scotland – will this impact on Flying Displays and educational school visits?  Will similar legislation be introduced in England?
  • New Zoo-licensing guidelines will be introduced – is this a threat or an opportunity for centres open to the public?
  • How can bird of prey professionals distinguish themselves in industries where there are no barriers to entry and no formal qualifications?
  • What new business opportunities are arising in the next 12 months and how can your business benefit?

The National Conference seeks to address these and other issues facing the professional bird of prey community in the UK.   The first conference dedicated solely to those individuals and organisations that rely upon birds of prey every day, attendance is essential to learn about potential threats as well as learning about some exciting new business opportunities that are on the horizon.

Continuing Professional Development:

Bird of Prey Professionals are increasingly recording their personal professional development.  All attendees will be provided with a free CPD Certificate demonstrating 6 hrs of CPD.

The National Conference of Bird of Prey Professionals is organised by Raptor Awards Limited on behalf of the Raptor Awards network, The International Register of Bird of Prey Professionals and the wider bird of prey community