An engaging and informative panel of speakers has been secured to talk about the threats and opportunities arising in 2018.


9.30 – Registration and refreshments

10.30 – Welcome and housekeeping – About Raptor Awards

10.50 – Word from Conference Sponsor – New Technology: launch of a new product for the bird of prey professional

11.00 – Zoo Licenses: New Husbandry and Management Guidelines for demonstration birds (Mark Habben)

11.35 – Licensing fees and potential impact of Brexit: reporting on the proposed increases in fees for issuing wildlife licences and considerations of a post-Brexit world (Graham Irving)

12.05 Influencing the legislators – how can we work together to ensure new legislation works for us (Gordon Mellor)

12.40 – Break for networking and lunch

13.40 – Afternoon session begins – Introduction

13.50 – Question Panel – taking questions on any aspect of the mornings talks

14.30 – Bob Dalton – Project Lugger and any questions

14.45 – Social enterprise and partnership working – benefits of partnership working to generate business growth and any questions (Nicky Kent)

15.15 – Moving forward – New Business Proposals and Opportunities and any questions (Derek Hartshorne)

16.00 – Conference closes